Monday, April 27, 2009

On A Lobster Roll

Every year as the days become longer and the temperature becomes warmer I start to crave our annual trips to Cape Cod.  Since it's going to be several months before I am able to make that dream a reality, I do the next best thing....have one (or several) lobster rolls.  

The past few weeks have found me (and my significant other) devouring those Cape Cod staples whenever given the chance.  Of course, nothing can compare pulling over to a roadside shack between Orleans and Provincetown, these NYC stand ins have satisfied my craving until I escape to the Cape.  

The following 2 are recent favorites:

Fairway Market, Red Hook, Brooklyn:  On a recent grocery run we decided to grab lunch at the in store cafe and I couldn't believe the quality of lobster rolls served.  This could definitely become a ritual (pre shopping, of course).

Jordan's, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn:  I've heard about their rolls for years and on a recent Sunday we climbed in our friends car and headed out.  Huge amounts of sweet meat (with the mayo on the side, bonus!) filled these rolls.  Also make sure to get the fried clams.  YUM!!!

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